Fossil Fuels and Your Property

     It begins with a landman knocking on your door. In his hand is a contract to lease your property for drilling or for a pipeline easement. The landman will promise large amounts of money, perhaps even a signing bonus if you sign now.
     The landman works for the fossil fuel corporation, his job is to get your signature on a contract. His job is not to objectively lay out the pros and cons and provide you with all the information you would need to make an informed decision.
     The temptation of all that promised money will have you imagining all the things you could do. Perhaps you think you would buy a new car or truck, do home renovations, pay off old bills, or put it away for college tuition.
     However, as the old saying goes there’s “no such thing as a free lunch…”.
     For most people, their home is the single most important asset. Your home is where you live and raise your family. Your home also has financial value. Whether it’s drilling or a pipeline on your property it comes with a price that you will pay. The price may be impact your mortgage, refinancing your home, selling your property, property insurance and/or property values.
Easements or leases may result in naming you as a defendant in a lawsuit. There are currently such lawsuits filed in the Pennsylvania and West Virginia courts.


•   An Easement is forever - even if the pipeline is never built.
•   Easements may be sold to other Pipeline Corporations
•   Once you've signed, there is no renegotiation, even if the easement is  
     sold to another Pipeline Corporation
•   Mortgages and/or Refinancing may be denied
•   Property Value may decrease by as much as 25%
•   You are still responsible for Property Taxes
•   Additional Property Insurance may be needed
•   Easements may include above ground equipment and/or other facilities
•   Multiple Pipelines may be placed in the easement area
•   You may be exposed to lawsuits